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What Is Struct?


Struct Finance is a new DeFi protocol with a vision to enable structured products on DeFi.

Tranching is a mechanism that changes the risk profile of investments by prioritizing the way in which the cash flows from these assets are returned to investors. Investors in the fixed tranche receive a prioritized return in the form of fixed cashflow. While investors in the variable tranche are offered an opportunity for amplified returns through leveraged exposure to the performance of the underlying assets.

Interest rate products can also be created by anyone through our factory contract, and can be customized according to their terms such as maturity, fixed-rate, platform, etc.

We offer users a way to customize interest rate instruments and compose them with options available in the ecosystem to construct superior financial products. Our platform opens up the number of investment choices available, enables varying protection levels, abstracts risk management and complex pricing away from its users while providing highly-competitive yields on various digital assets.


If you have any questions along the way, please join our Discord server. Our team, and members of the community, look forward to helping you.‌