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Welcome to the Struct Finance user guide. This guide will help you set up your environment and provide an overview of the various modules and main features of the application.

Struct Finance is a DeFi platform offering tailored structured financial products to cater to the distinct risk-return profiles of retail and institutional investors. Our innovative tranching mechanism, the first in our planned lineup of product offerings, enables diversified investment opportunities across a wide array of markets through interest rate vaults.

The Struct Team will be iteratively releasing modules and features; below is a list of the currently available modules:

  1. Markets - Products categorized by underlying yield mechanism (i.e. pool).
  2. Dashboard - Provides users with an overview of their current and historical investments, open vaults, and past transactions.

We appreciate your feedback and support. To learn more about Struct Finance, please read our Litepaper and join our growing community.

Looking forward to your feedback!

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