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Struct V2

Struct V2 represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the platform. Building on the success of its predecessor, Struct V2 has been designed to overcome the limitations and challenges that hindered its full potential. Some of these challenges include:

  1. Time-consuming and costly integration process: Each integration with protocols required significant development effort, thorough testing, and audits, amounting to months of time per integration.
  2. High development and audit costs: The costs associated with each integration were a significant barrier to entry.
  3. Centralization: The need for an oracle to make settlement tokens commensurable resulted in a higher degree of centralization.
  4. Spam risk: The Struct V1 Factory could not be made permissionless due to the propensity for spam if it was opened up.
  5. Inability to support DEX integration: The use of the ERC1155 token standard for interest rate products resulted in tokens that could not integrate with DEXes.

With a focus on decentralization, scalability, and usability, Struct V2 is poised to unlock a a new era of innovation and growth for protocols and users. Specifically:

  1. Expanded Product Offerings: Struct V2 introduces support for ERC4626 vaults, enabling the creation of a vast array of interest rate products. To date, over 100 vaults have been identified, offering unparalleled diversity and flexibility.
  2. Permissionless Factory: The protocol is designed to be fully permissionless, allowing protocols to easily create interest rate products and offer them to users without the need for oracles or intermediaries.
  3. Diverse Asset Support: Struct V2 will be able to support a wide range of assets, including re-staking tokens, real-world assets, structured bonds, and more, unlocking significant liquidity potential and opportunities for growth.
  4. Multichain Deployment: Struct V2 will be deployed across all EVM-compatible chains, enabling protocols to deliver more value to their users and expanding the reach of the platform.
  5. Spam Mitigation: To ensure a seamless user experience, spam-resistant measures are being implemented, including verified protocols listed on the frontend, and a separate section for unverified protocols.
  6. Tradeable Interest Rate Products: Interest rate products are now represented as ERC20 tokens, enabling seamless trading across any Automated Market Maker (AMM).
  7. Frontend SDKs: To facilitate the permissionless vision, frontend SDKs will be provided for protocols to easily display interest rate products, increasing distribution and user engagement.

The Struct V2 contracts are nearing completion and audits will commence shortly after.